7 Ways to Cultivate a Staffing Agency Niche and Grow

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7 Ways to Cultivate a Staffing Agency Niche and Grow

While it might seem counter-intuitive, narrowing your marketing focus could help you grow your staffing services more quickly. Here are seven ways to carve out a staffing agency niche to grow your staffing, recruiting or temporary employment agency.

Staffing Agency Niche – Narrow Your Focus to Expand Your Client Base

With more and more competitors coming into the staffing industry to take advantage of an improving economy and increased demand for temporary employees and staffing services, it’s more important than ever for a staffing agency to carve out a niche where it can excel and thrive. Here are seven ways to identify a staffing agency niche niche that can make your company more profitable.

Forecasts for staffing industry growth estimate that in addition to 6% growth in 2014, the temporary employment and staffing industry will grow another 6% in 2015, making it a $132.1 billion industry. Not only has the economy recovered in the past five years since the great recession, recovering most if not all of the jobs lost, but population gains have resulted in the creation of even more new jobs. With increased demand for temporary workers comes an influx of new agencies among temporary employment and staffing services.

In a more competitive landscape, temporary employment service firms and staffing agencies must develop strategies that help them grow, and they must be on top of their game. One way to become more profitable is by finding a staffing agency niche that allows them to successfully attract the best candidates for placement so they can build a strong reputation among employers. With that in mind, here are seven ways that a temporary employment services firm or staffing agency can identify a niche where they can make a name for themselves and grow.

7 Ways to Cultivate a Staffing Agency Niche and Grow

Grow with seasonal staffing opportunities

Look for businesses that have seasonal ebbs and flows. These are the types of businesses that may also benefit from outsourcing to staffing agencies or using temporary workers instead of hiring their own employees.

Seed the market with PR

You can play a part in strengthening your own agency’s reputation by using PR tactics strategically. Publishing press releases via organizations such as PRWeb.com that help to position your agency as an expert resource in a given employment niche. Likewise, placing ads and advertorial articles or writing general interest articles for publication in trade magazines can help to reinforce your agency’s reputation in industries where you want to carve out a niche for your staffing services.

Put your ear to the ground

Many of the most successful businesses became so because they were able to identify and act on emerging trends early on. Make sure that you are on the look-out for emerging new industries or industries that are evolving where your staffing agency can gain ground before competitors become aware.

Plant new locations for future growth

Communities and neighborhoods zoned for industrial and commercial development may also represent locations where having a physical office for your staffing agency would give you a leg-up in booking new business.

Attract and engage with digital content

Just like consumers in general, B2B buyers often start their buying journey online and many even expect to be able to complete the buying process online in a digital self-service environment. Cater to digital B2B shoppers and buyers in the industries you most want to serve with a website that is optimized for search and blog articles that attract search and social media traffic and shares among those niche target audience members.

Dig in deep by increasing numbers of followers and subscribers

While some organizations that need temporary workers or staffing services may engage in short or only occasional buying cycles, others may need to be convinced of the benefits of outsourcing over time or may need a consistent stream of temporary employees. Gain and maintain top of mind brand awareness for your staffing or temporary employment services by constantly increasing the number of social followers and subscribers you have within your desired niche industries.

One way to do this is by consistently providing followers with added value in the form of email newsletters and social status updates that pertain to their industries. You may also be able to build your networks quickly using tactics that require online registration, such as contests and whitepapers.

Pre-seed the marketplace

Universities, colleges, vocational and trade schools, and unions are all representative of organizations where you can build your reputation within a staffing niche by pre-seeding the marketplace; i.e., introducing yourself to the people who represent the candidates and employers of the future, as well as the present.


Cultivating a unique staffing agency niche isn’t the only path to growth. Invoice factoring speeds up cash flow for temporary employment and staffing agencies, so that they can reinvest more quickly in order to attract the best candidates for new opportunities and serve bigger client accounts.

Find out more about invoice factoring for staffing and temp employment agencies or contact us for a quick quote for staffing factoring services.

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