Value Added: 5 Steps to an Indispensable Staffing Agency

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5 ways to make Your staffing agency indispensable

Since the start of the recovery, staffing employment has been growing faster than the economy and employment overall. Here are five ways to make your staffing agency stand out from the rest of the pack – and indispensable to your clients.

5 Staffing Agency Marketing Ideas that Add Value

Staffing agencies and temporary employment services firms can expect increased competition with the staffing industry on pace for 6% growth in 2015. Here are five things you can do to add value and create competitive advantages for your firm.

With the economic recovery came opportunities for recruiters, temporary employment and staffing agencies to rebound, big time. Not only were more jobs available overall, but many employers, unsure of how quickly the recovery would happen and whether it would last, were hesitant to hire regular employees, and so opted for temporary workers instead.

As the recovery has continued, and more and more jobs have been created, the staffing industry has grown rapidly as well. However, many of those temporary hires have turned into regular employees as employers have developed more confidence in the economy. While the job market continues to grow, and will be aided by the retirement of Baby Boomers during the next several years, competition will also increase among staffing and temporary employment firms as well.

For staffing and temporary employment services firms, competition can be a good thing. Not only does it reflect more opportunity overall, but competition can light a fire when it comes to continuous improvement within a staffing agency. For temp services and staffing firms that want to create a competitive advantage, it’s vital to identify areas where they can become indispensable to their most valuable clients.

5 Ways to Make Your Staffing Agency Indispensable

Look for value beyond the skill set

As a recruiter, you (or your software) may scan hundreds of resumes relative to the skills, software, and specialties of candidates. Bring candidates to the table for temporary employment or temp-to-hire placement opportunities that have what it takes not only to do the job, but who will enhance the culture of an organization. The more often you place candidates that produce well and fit well within an organization, the more likely it is that employers will turn to you when the next hiring opportunity arises.

Network to fill your back pocket

Hiring can be an expensive, time consuming process. Temporary employment and staffing agencies that network well can create a pool of individuals who, while they may not be actively looking for a new position, would be open to considering a change for the right opportunity. Being able to serve up one or two quality candidates for potential openings immediately could easily make your staffing agency more valuable to employers when the need to fill a position quickly is paramount.

Write better recruiting copy

When you have an awesome job opportunity to fill or an outstanding employer to recruit for, why would you write boring, cliché, job description-like copy? Set your agency apart by writing recruiting copy that delivers when it comes to engaging top candidates and creating intrigue so that they want to know more. Plus, when you talk up the brand of an employer in creative copy, you also tell them that you think their brand is just as special as they believe it to be!

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Soften your approach

If you only reach out to employers with sales calls and emails, you’re doing it wrong. You might get lucky by hitting someone up at the moment they need to fill a position once in a while, but you may well turn off the vast number of contacts on your list. Soften your approach with employers and think about nurturing the relationships instead of pursuing the accounts. Reach out with information that people can use to build their businesses – interesting articles about their industries, information about their competitors they might not be aware of, and so on. Become so interesting and helpful that your clients will welcome your phone calls and open your emails, and will keep you top of mind when opportunity arises.


Instead of casting a wide net, carve out a name and a niche for your staffing agency by identifying industries which are emerging or evolving, which are underserved, or even better understanding which industries your own firm’s expertise is best-suited to serve. When you become the “go-to” for certain industries or certain types of temporary job openings, you build top of mind brand awareness that is invaluable in providing your staffing agency with opportunity to get the first shot at filling opportunities.

How fast is the staffing industry growing? “Since the recovery began in July 2009, staffing employment has been growing faster than the economy and than overall employment.”

Staffing agency growth forecast for 2015: “The U.S. temporary staffing industry will grow 5 percent in 2014 and 6 percent in 2015 to reach a market size of $115.0 billion in 2015, according to the U.S. Staffing Industry Forecast: September 2014 Update.”


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