8 Things Consumers Hate About Shopping Online

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8 Things US Consumers Hate Most About Shopping Online

Online retail grew 3x as fast as offline shopping in May 2014. Here are eight pet peeves consumers hate about shopping online that might make them buy from a competitor’s site instead of yours.

E-Commerce Trends: 8 Pet Peeves When Shopping Online

Not only is e-commerce here to stay, it’s growing at a faster rate than in-store retail shopping. Grow your business by catering to the preferences of online shoppers, including eliminating the pet peeves that might send them to a competitor’s site.

Let’s face it, e-commerce is here to stay, and even retailers that do not sell online need to understand what drives shoppers online. Online shopping is not just more convenient for many consumers; it also connects shoppers with products they might not be able to purchase locally and provides them with the ability to get the most for their money.

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In June, non-store sales grew 3x faster than retail sales overall. In fact, a new Harris poll reveals that a majority of Americans have bought something online.

What U.S. Shoppers Don’t Want to Buy When Shopping Online

U.S. consumers polled in a new survey from Harris revealed that while a majority have purchased something online, they still see the value in the in-person shopping experience. For the ten categories in the study, shoppers say they prefer to purchase the following in person:

  • 78% – Groceries (general food purchases)
  • 67% – Over the counter medications
  • 65% – Clothing
  • 58% – Prescription medications
  • 57% – Cosmetics and personal grooming (makeup, shaving products, facial cleansers, etc.)
  • 57% – Specialty food and beverages (hard to find items, special ingredients, etc.)
  • 55% – Household electronics (TVs, stereos, etc.)
  • 52% – Accessories (handbags, shoes, etc.)
  • 44% – Intimate items (lingerie, erotica, etc.)
  • 43% – Personal electronics (digital music players, tablets, etc.)

What Might Change the Consumers Mind When Shopping Online

When asked which factors make them more likely to buy something online (vs. in-store), it should come as no surprise to find that shipping costs top the list. In fact, free shipping could tip the scale for eight out of ten shoppers and persuade them to buy something online they would otherwise have visited a local retailer to purchase.

Second on the list of online shopping tipping points, seven out of ten shoppers say is free shipping for returns and exchanges. Shoppers also appreciate the ability to buy online but return or exchange locally enough to opt for an online transaction over an in-store purchase.

8 Things US Consumers Hate Most About Shopping Online

What U.S. Shoppers Are Buying Online

Despite consumer preference for buying clothing in-store, it’s interesting to note that nearly 70% of consumers have bought clothing online. The graph below lists the percentage of U.S. shoppers who have made a purchase in a given category.

8 Things US Consumers Hate Most About Shopping Online

Desktops Still #1 Preference for Online Shoppers The graph below demonstrates that despite the rise of mobile, desktops and laptops are still the device most consumers use to make purchases – even when purchasing digital content (movies, e-books, music, etc.)

8 Things US Consumers Hate Most About Shopping Online

8 Things US Consumers Hate Most About Shopping Online

Every retailer needs to be aware of the pet peeves that consumers say influences their decisions about shopping online in general, and about where they will choose to shop in particular. Consumers listed these eight online shopping turnoffs as significant enough to be “pet peeves:”

8 Things US Consumers Hate Most About Shopping Online

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