Business Cash Advance with No UCC Filing Funds Inventory Expansion

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Business Cash Advance with No UCC Filing Funds Inventory Expansion

We can tailor business cash advance financing proposals to your business needs, including helping you get a working capital advance with no UCC filing or personal guaranty. Here’s how.

Case Study: No UCC Filing Business Cash Advance Connects Wireless Company with the Inventory they Needed to Grow

Being able to secure a business cash advance and merchant cash advance financing that don’t require UCC filings on personal or business assets and without personal guarantees has been a real plus for many of our customers. Recently, we helped a Wireless Company obtain the financing they needed to grow. Here’s what happened.

Our client, a company specializing in wireless technology-related services, came to us with a dilemma. They hoped to find working capital financing needed to buy more inventory without negatively affecting – or interrupting – the cash flow needed to keep operations going on a day-to-day basis.

Among the offers we sourced for this company, the one most appealing to them was a 6-month business cash advance financing proposal at a 1.12 rate with some terms and conditions that were important to them, including:

  • no UCC filing
  • no risk to their assets (no personal guaranty)
  • no hard check on their credit (no impact to credit score)

We were able to put the right offer in front of this client, and as a result, they obtained the financing they needed to expand inventory without experiencing negative affects to their credit rating, without a UCC filing on their assets, and without slowing the stream of cash flow needed to keep operations going – and growing – with new inventory on hand.

Get a Business Cash Advance with No UCC Filing or Personal Guaranty

The truth is, business cash advances (repaid via ACH) and merchant cash advances (repaid via credit/debit card transactions) can be tailored in many different ways, including flexibility with:

  • amount of financing
  • repayment type (ACH or credit/debit card transactions)
  • repayment frequency and schedule
  • length of repayment term
  • rate / payback amount*
  • bad credit score (personal or business)
  • UCC filing
  • personal guaranty
  • hard credit checks
  • and more

Request a quote for business cash advance financing, and feel free to tell us which of these flexible options matter most to your organization.

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We will work hard to give you a business financing proposal that aligns with your preferences and gives you the working capital needed to grow your business. Minimum requirements simply include:

  • at least 6 months in business
  • 3 months bank statements
  • $9,000 or more in gross monthly sales
  • 3 months credit card processing statements (merchant cash advance only)

Most businesses that apply for a working capital advance with us, qualify; and many get the luxury of choosing from numerous options and proposals to find the program that is most attractive and suitable for their business needs. For fastest answers, we encourage you to apply online.

*We have recently funded clients with business cash advance financing rates including:

  • 1.12 (6 month term)
  • 1.18 (12.5 month term)
  • 1.24 (10 month term)
  • 1.275 (12 month term)
  • 1.28 (12 month term)
  • 1.36 (15 month term)


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