3 Ways to Win Over Thanksgiving Day Shoppers Even If You’re Closed

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3 ways to win over thanksgiving day shoppers even if you’re closed

Consumer sentiment on both sides of the argument about whether a business should open on Thanksgiving Day is putting many retailers in a no-win situation. Here are three ways you can join the businesses that will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, without losing out with Thanksgiving Day Shoppers.

The Best of Both Worlds: Win With Thanksgiving Day Shoppers Whether You Open Up Shop or Not

More retailers are opting to open up for a portion (or all) of Thanksgiving Day despite vocal criticism from a large number of consumers on social networks. Here are three ways you can stay closed on Thanksgiving without feeling like you’re losing holiday shoppers to other stores.

The question as to whether retailers should be open on Thanksgiving Day is a relatively new one. Even in the recent past, retailers didn’t even open on Black Friday until as late as 6 AM or even later. Then some retailers decided to open at midnight, and finally some retailers pushed their “Black Friday” shopping hours into the evening of Thanksgiving Day outright.

Shenanigans? Thanksgiving Day gamesmanship is at an all-time high among the biggest players in retail:

The skirmishes began with Macy’s announcement it would open for Black Friday sales starting at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving night, two hours earlier than last year’s 8 p.m. opening time. Kohl’s and Sears, among others, are matching Macy’s by opening the doors to shoppers at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving, while J.C. Penney is trying to trump the competition with a 5 p.m. opening. (Just two years ago, mind you, JCP was closed on Thanksgiving, and didn’t even bother with typical Black Friday sales.)”Time.com

And now other retailers are one-upping these retailers in the other direction, including a marketing campaign seemingly meant to shame those retailers that are opening up on Thanksgiving Day, rather than letting their employees enjoy the holiday at home with friends and loved ones.

Social media feeds have been blowing up this month as users share stories about which companies are choosing to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, with some consumers even making virtual pledges not to shop on Thanksgiving and not to shop with retailers who’ve chosen to open that day. This may leave some retailers feeling like they are in a no-win situation.

ways to win over thanksgiving day shoppers even if you’re closed

On the one hand, they can’t make Thanksgiving Day shoppers happy if their doors are closed. On the other hand, they risk damage to their brand from consumers who view the practice of opening up for holiday shopping on Thanksgiving Day in a negative light. What’s a retailer to do?

3 Ways to Sell to Thanksgiving Day Shoppers Even if Your Doors are Closed

Take Advantage of the Trend Toward Online Holiday Shopping

140 million people plan to shop at some point during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, including more than 25 million who are planning to shop on Thanksgiving Day itself. While some will actually venture out to stores, a significant portion of the holiday shoppers who will shop on Thanksgiving Day will do so online.

Even when your store is closed to walk in Thanksgiving Day shoppers, your web site is still “open” online and ready to do business when it comes to promoting special offers and attracting holiday shoppers. Use optimized content and Thanksgiving Day offers to attract web site visitors via search. Use email marketing to get contacts to your website as part of their Thanksgiving Day holiday offer browsing. Use social networks to highlight a special offer on Thanksgiving Day (or several special offers throughout the day).

Extend Exclusive Thanksgiving Day Offers

Today’s holiday shopper is discount immune, having been exposed to countless discounts in the recent past, courtesy of the Great Recession. This year, consumers say that they need to be convinced that they are getting a truly special offer or an exclusive opportunity (with a deadline) before they will decide to buy.

Take Reservations and Rain Checks

Just because your doors won’t be open, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one-day only Thanksgiving Day promotions. Allow customers to reserve special Thanksgiving Day exclusive offer items for pickup (or booked appointments) later on. Require that they provide copies of Thanksgiving Day offer coupons and special offer codes in order to take advantage of the promotions you extend only on Thanksgiving Day (even though they will be redeemed later).

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