4 Ways to See More Green from Black Friday Shoppers

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For retailers that count on holiday sales to make up a big chunk of the year’s revenue, attracting holiday Black Friday shoppers isn’t just important, it’s critical.

Bring in More Black Friday Shoppers by Paying Attention to 4 Key Holiday Shopping Trends

The countdown is on, and Black Friday is now just days away. 140 million shoppers plan to avail themselves of Thanksgiving weekend deals, just a few days from now. Here are four ways to improve the odds that your business will see its share of Black Friday shoppers over the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

There’s a proverb that says, “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.” Reaching out to meet the millions of holiday shoppers where they “are” on Black Friday can help improve your chances of increasing sales over the Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend.

Bring in More Black Friday Shoppers

Whether retailers are doing a better job of asking holiday shoppers what they want or consumers are doing a better job of telling retailers what they want, the fact remains that today’s Black Friday shoppers are getting really good at sifting through all of the options in order to get the best deals during the Thanksgiving weekend. A closer look at what holiday shoppers say they’re most interested in can provide retailers with valuable insight on how to attract holiday shoppers on Black Friday and throughout the weeks to come.

4 Ideas for Attracting More Black Friday Shoppers

One in three will wait to see if deals are ‘worth it’ before they decide to shop on Black Friday.

From the holiday shopper that ventures out to a few favorite stores to the hard-core deal seeker that plots out their route for the day before going out the door, Black Friday shoppers have one thing in common: they all want a good deal. Loss leaders (popular items a retailer offers as an enticement to get shoppers in the door, sometimes even at a financial loss) are often used to bring Black Friday shoppers in, in hopes of producing additional sales.

This ‘wait and see’ attitude goes beyond discounts; consumers want exclusive, compelling offers.

“Consumers today want more than just the discounts they’ve been showered with since the start of the recession; they want exclusive offerings and a good reason to spend their discretionary budgets.” – NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay

The holidays present retailers with an ideal opportunity to test the waters with new products or services. New items that prove popular with holiday shoppers on Black Friday could result in additional sales throughout the year.

Small retailers can double-down if they can get Black Friday shoppers to return on Small Business Saturday.

More than 60 million people plan to shop on the Saturday after Thanksgiving; of those, almost three out of four say they plan to ‘shop small’ in some way on that day. Small businesses that get Black Friday shoppers in the door (or onto their website) can get a bounce back by providing a compelling Small Business Saturday offer to get them to return.

Black Friday shoppers may well skew younger (your offers should, too).

Leading the pack when it comes to age groups, nearly eight of ten U.S. 18-24 year olds plan to shop over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend; of these, 80 percent will shop on Black Friday. Knowing that a significant portion of Black Friday shoppers will be Millennials, retailers may be able to boost Black Friday revenues by focusing offers and buying incentives on the goods their younger customers want most.

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